Summer job voucher

For youth summer jobs and for employers help, competence and new perspectives since 2015!

Return the original Summer Job Voucher form carefully filled no later than 31st of October 2021.
Next year new Summer Job Vouchers!

With the help of the summer job voucher, young Helsinki residents have received summer jobs and companies have gained a workforce, competence and new perspectives since 2015!

For a young person finishing comprehensive school, the first job may be very valuable since many young people are considering their future career choices at this point. You can make someone’s dream come true – offer a young Helsinki resident a job at your company!

In February, guidance counsellors will distribute the summer job vouchers to all 9th graders in Helsinki. Each school also has a designated youth worker who will help young people with all matters related to seeking a summer job. In addition to this, schools, youth centres and Ohjaamo offer guidance on searching for a job, events related to summer jobs and CV workshops. We will update this site with information about all events related to the summer job voucher during the spring.

Do you have questions about the Summer Job Voucher? We are happy to help.

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The City of Helsinki requires that employers adhere to the principles of responsible summer jobs, sign a written employment contract with the young person and offer sufficient orientation related to the job. After a successful summer job, many young people have continued to work for the same employer!