Environmental activities

Nature school activities, groupings, excursions and camps

Experiences and experiences in nature for young people, children and groups. Animal care, cooking, workshops and events - get excited about a new hobby!

This site contains nature- and environment-focused services for young people, youth groups and schools offered by the City of Helsinki’s Youth Services.

Activities include various workshops, escapades and events, as well as nature school and adventure services. Young people get to farm, care for animals and prepare food. In addition, our facilities can also be booked for voluntary activities or camp use. The camping equipment loan company Wempaimisto also serves young people under 29-years-old.

Nature brings strength

According to research, going into nature increases physical and mental well-being and, at the same time, one’s connection with nature is strengthened. When we gain meaningful experiences of being able to influence things that are important to ourselves through environmental activities, confidence in our own and our overall future increases.

The aim of environmental activities is to influence one’s own environment, provide camp experiences and adventures, support young people’s own activities for the environment and provide information. In order to become an environmental citizen, one does not need magic tricks, but space and genuine opportunities to act.