Pihlajamäki Youth Centre is full of activities and hustle and bustle. Do not hesitate to come join our activities!

You can come engage in a hobby, play or simply hang out with your friends. Youth workers are present to provide help and guidance, and you get to decide for yourself what you would like to do. The activities are free of charge. The only thing you need is a membership card that you can get from the youth centre or online.

Come and play

In the youth centre’s game rooms (PC and console), you can play a variety of games alone or together with your friends. We have a sports hall where you can play floorball or futsal with your friends or a youth worker. The facility also includes a large mirror for dance enthusiasts.

Handicrafts in an open studio space

There is an open crafts studio at the youth centre. There you can engage in many types of handicrafts, such as ceramics, felting, fabric printing and all sorts of other handicrafts.

Book the band room

You can book the band room for your band rehearsals or your own music lessons. You can go play there with your band or random ensembles any time when the room is vacant. The band room is equipped with drums, an acoustic guitar, a couple of electric guitars, bass and guitar amplifiers and a sound system.

The youth centre is for you: join us in planning and implementing activities that are of particular interest to you!

Visiting address
Moreenitie 2
00710 Helsinki
Postal address
P.O. Box 71403, 00710 City of Helsinki

Opening times

The open activities for juniors and teenagers will start again on Monday, September 6:

Mon 14–16  > 3rd graders

Wed 14-16 > 4th graders

Thu and Fri 14–16  > 5th and 6th graders

7th graders and older:
Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri 17–20:45 

Sat (6.11., 20.11., 4.12. ja 18.12.) 7th graders – 17-year-olds 17-22:45

(Due to the great number of 3rd and 4th graders we decided from the 20th of September onwards that 3rd graders are welcome on Mondays and 4th graders on Wednesdays. We will monitor the situation and make adjustments when needed.)


Take note! Hours during the autumn vacation:


Wed, Thu and Fri 14-16  3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders

7th graders and older:

Wed, Thu and Fri 17-20:45

Upcoming events

No upcoming events